Cheese making is easy!

As we are home cheesemakers at heart, we encourage everyone to give cheese making a go as it’s easy, fun to share, and delicious to eat!

The Urban Cheese Shop offers a great selection of supplies and equipment, and as we have many years of home cheesemaking experience we can offer you some good tips and tricks to make your cheese making at home cheap and affordable. 

It is fun and easy and once you get started you will be addicted! 

We have tried and tested recipes for you to try at home.  Head over to our Recipes page and choose, be sure to check out our Advice page too.  A kit is a good starting point and we also offer classes, both of which make great gifts.  

Give us a call or message us today so we can get you on your way!


Yes we look different but we are still the same! 

We hope our new look site will enrich your cheese making knowledge and improve your shopping experience. 

Thank you for your support and Happy Cheese Making